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Hey everyone I am constantly updating my site and processing orders. It can be very time consuming. So if you have a question please use the contact me form and I would be glad to answer it for you and if it's a faq. I will use it on my site. Thanks, Sherita King 


Yes & No. Use with caution. When using the Nappy-laxer inbetween relaxers. Wait atleast two to three weeks before using a relaxer and/or any chemicals in the hair s/a hair color. The reason for this is because using Nappy-laxer is stripping the chemicals off the hair and scalp and could cause a bad reaction to the scalp if immediately following it with a chemical agent. What I have learned about using natural products and chemical agent products is that the chemical agent products puts a chemical coat on the scalp which makes it accessible to chemical products but the natural products strips that coat off making it easier to get chemical burn on the scalp if used to closely after using natural products. So my answer would be if you going to go natural then stay natural...Do it for U and feel great! 

2. Does the Nappy-laxer chemically alter the hair or will hair revert back to it's curl pattern once washed.

No, the Nappy-laxer doesn't chemically alter the hair because it's not a chemical, it is 100% chemical & toxin-free. When you wash your hair it will curl back up but if you continue to use the naturalaxer on a consistant basis your hair will be more softer and the curl will be looser and easier to manage the hair.


The wigs that I do treat, I treat them with my handmade natural treatments that's safe to use on your hair and skin. I then also treat the wig caps to promote healthy hair growth. To find out what ingredients I use. Check out my ingredient list. I am still currently updating that section. If additional questions, please leave me a message.

4. Do you apply Nappy-laxer on clients or do sew-ins and are you accepting appointments?

Sorry, I am currently not accepting any appointments.

5. Why did you change the name of the naturalaxer to Nappy-laxer?

I changed the name of the naturalaxer to Nappy-laxer because I found out there were a previous product by a different company with the same name and their product wasn't 100% natural/toxin-free and some people were getting confused with my product thinking it wasn't all natural. So, I decided the best thing was to change the name. And honestly, I like the new name.

6. How long will it be to receive my wig?

It really depends on how many orders are infront of yours. I will advice when order is placed that I have orders infront of yours or if your order is custom, there will be delays to get the right hairs, supplies, etc.            Wigs aproximately take 2-4weeks before I can ship due to each wig being handmade, and other orders. If need wig by a certain time frame I will try to accomodate and at times may have to charge a fee to move others customers back. I also do custom work. If you do not see a wig or picture on my site that you like. Send me a picture and I would be glad to see if I can create that style for you.

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