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Welcome to the New Prayer Request Site: By Sherita's Hair Temple! I am here to be a light for Jesus Christ, my Savior! If you need prayer and direction, please leave your prayer requests here and my prayer warriors and I will pray on your behalf. Whether it's salvation for a family member, healing in mind, health and spirit. We are here to pray and encouarge you! Let us know if you need to be called specifically by sending a message through the contact me button for direct prayers. Thanks and may God truely bless you!!


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please pray for my friend to go back to being the person he one was n the Lord. He has change and no the same person he use to be. And Also please pray for positive change to come in my household, Egypt, Syria and anywhere else where there is war. Thank you in advance,

Troubles in my married life.

over a year ago by Nirmala Peter Pray for me
oh lord please save my marriage .please restore reunite intervene heal .i am requesting you pleading you . i don't want my marriage to break.i do love my husband but he does not want to see me ,does not want to talk to me . i tried my best to make him understand .he is been misguided by a lot of people .please guide him show him the way you choosen when you got both of us married .you made us as one and now the world is misguiding him and is trying their level best to divide us , separate us to break this in-laws are also not allowing him to be with the wife.they are not allowing the son to stay in another house with the wife.they are brain washing him to leave the wife.lord do a miracle save my marriage let not evil over rule the truth of the lord..brothers sisters prayer worriers pastor please pray that my husband understand his wife and he stay with me in another house. the evil spirit is troubling me .lord do a miracle yours sister-in-christ.

My walk with GOD

over a year ago by Alicia Pray for me
That I really let go and do what GOD WANTS

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