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Family, Friends and Well-wishers:


As many of you know, I have been diligently working on creating my own line of natural hair and skin care products. I am extremely excited over what God has done in blessing me to create these products, as well as my new business logo. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support while I progress in this business venture, which takes lots of hard work and dedication.


I am committed to much prayer, hard work, and financial expenditure, to ensure a reputable business that exemplifies my dedication and devotion to this task. I am writing this letter to request your help as I endeavor to promote this God-given business. This effort involves a great deal of finances, along with hard work to ensure a successful “New Line”. Your financial support is being requested, as I have a number of expenditures, which include extending my search to make sure I keep all products 100% pure and toxin-free; materials needed to make my natural products, as well as the materials needed to make my handmade wigs and the shipping materials; and my new line called “The A.S.K Collection”.


I am currently working on my New Line “The A.S.K Collection”, which I will provide exclusive information and detail to those that donate only, at this time, as it is not complete. This is an exciting new venture I am taking on and will be very pleased at the end results! I have been passionate about making all natural hair & skin products. And now is my opportunity to venture into something that all us naturals and toxin-free would love to be apart of. Please feel free to provide me with your comments concerning things you feel I should make a product line for, in addition. My website address is:


Thank you again for your support in helping me to grow my business. Any amount of financial contributions, including your prayers for me and my family, will be greatly appreciated. Please contact me to let me know how you can be of assistance. For your convenience, click the donation button on my website where you can give your financial support you can provide. And as a special thank you, I will keep you updated on my newest project to those who give any amount, I will add you on the site and/or other publications as a donor of "The A.S.K Collection" and provide free samples of my products to those who give $15.00 or more. I appreciate you with all my heart, and pray that God will truly bless you and your family.


Yours truly,


Sherita King

Sherita’s Hair Temple

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A Natural way to live toxin-free. GIve any amount! Any amount given would be appreciated, again if give $15.00 or more free samples will be provided as a thank you! For any amount given I will list your name with your permission as donor to this "All" natural toxin-free product line that will benefit many woman around the world. Again, if donate I will be provide additional information regarding "The A.S.K Collection".

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