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My Extreem 3 Day Detox

Posted by Sherita King on May 15, 2011 at 1:11 AM Comments comments (5)

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Hello everyone. I decided to do a detox to help clean myself of the many toxins that are in this world. I have made many changes in my life, such as becoming natural. I left relaxers, toxin shampoos, conditioners, etc alone off my hair June 1,2010. My one year Curly-versary will be here very soon, so stay tuned to my free giveaway.

Since that time. I started leaving other things alone that was just not natural! The things I have changed in my lifestyle is using natural deodorants, natural toothpaste, I use my Smooth&Silky Hair Cleanser (which I make as a shampoo & body wash) when taking showers and baths. Bath time I add algae to my water. I use my Natural Bath Saltz and my Bath Meltz that I make in my bath which moisturizes my skin and relaxes me after a long hard day. I also use my DaBalm foot balm on my feet, knees and elbows. I don't have to use much because my skin is already moisturized!

Ok, now you know I am serious about this natural & toxin-free journey. That covers some things that I do to stay away from the toxins in these products that are on our store shelves to prolong the life of their products. (Stay Tuned for the blog that explains some of the things in your products you need to watch out for).

Now I want to talk about my detox experience and what type of foods I eat to stay healthy & toxin-free. :)

Before I started my detox I was reluctant because I was afraid to know how toxin I was but at the same time very curious. The detox I decided to do was explained by Kathleen Hembree, of Healing-Scents. This is a three day juice cleanse and by the second day you will know how toxin you are if you get really sick. If you continue the detox it will help rid toxins out of your system. This 3 day Juice cleanse will help cleanse your gastrointestinal tract. But please make sure you are healthy enough to do the cleanse. This is what the detox/cleanse consist of.

Three Day Juice Cleanse "These juices can not be from concentrate"

1. Morning (Breakfast) 16 ounces Prune Juice. "CHEW" each mouthful. (Swish around your mouth to mix in the saliva -- 1st step in digestion.)

2. One Gallon Juice of your choice (Apple, grape, orange, carrot; whatever is to your taste). "CHEW" each mouthful. Remember (non-concentrate).

If you are really hungry, you can use two or three of the fruit associated with your juice.

By the second day. you will start feeling odd. You can have nausea, constipation, dizziness. This is normal if you system is toxic.

The prune juice will go throughout your system to pull toxins into your bowel and out your body.

Days Four, Five and beyond --- Start slowly when reintroducing foods. Start with yogurt, soups, lighter foods. Start introducing the healthier food options.

Repeat this cleanse monthly until you do not get ill from the cleanse.

Ok. I know there might be questions inregards to this cleanse. First, I want to say that you can add herbal supplements to your detox/cleanse if you feel you are really toxin. **Before taking herbs please research** Some herbs I used during my detox was organic kelp in my juice and water, organic spearmint, cayenne, nettle, and rosemary herbs. I will explain the health benefits of these herbs, while explaining my experience.

But now I will talk about my experience and hopefully help with some questions you might have.

Day 1- Excited and nervous, I drunk the prune juice and "Chewed each gulp" To make sure saliva was mixed and did the same with the juice. I felt good with no problems at all. But when night came I noticed my left leg was hurting and all night it was uncomfortable for me to sleep and had to really prop my legs up on pillows and had it pretty high and still was in pain. There is a story behind the leg syndrome or I believe it to be restless leg. When I was pregnant with my daughter which is now 3 going on 4years ago, right when it was close to having her. My legs would hurt me terribly bad and the doctors though maybe she was sitting on a nerve. But I had problems with my right leg more than my left, even after having her I still had problems with my legs, especially the right leg. I would have to prop it up on pillows at night. But never really had any problems with the left leg until the detox/cleanse.

Day 2- This day I ran to the bathroom more often and I would have to do #1 and/or #2 very often than I used to. But with this day I added my herbs to the detox/cleanse. I didn't have any pill caps to put my herbs in so I mixed them in water. I took the organic kelp- (High in iodine, calcium, iron, potassium, vit. b1, b2, b12. Used in blood purification, detoxification, circulation issues, tonic, environmental pollution, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure. ) and I added about a teaspoon into my water mixed with herbs of organic spearmint-(relieve bronchitis and sinusitis, ease nausea and headaches, relieves colds or flu, stimulates, energizes and relieves fatigue. *Also learned it helps slow down hair growth in unwated areas), cayenne-(Helps lowerblood cholesterol levels which helps reduce blood pressure, cardiac problems, lipid levels. Makes the other herbs function better), nettle-(Rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese, chromium and zinc, it also contains a pretty full amount of other minerals. Nettles is particularly restorative to the kidneys and adrenal, and the tissues of the blood vessels. It strengthens the liver and is considered an adaptor for the immune system. Supports the immune system toward flexibility; many people with allergies find drinking nettle leaf infusion to be very helpful. One caveat on nettles; some people experience an increase in urine production, so don't drink too much at night at first. **I saw results from, and rosemary-(A smooth muscle stimulant. Helps calm and sooth irritated nerves and upset stomachs, calms anxiety. Very high in minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium; all reuired for healthy nerves and cardiac muscle.). What I did was warm the water on the stove but didn't boil because wanted to get all the effects of the herbs, then I added the herbs to the water and gulp down 8oz of herbal water. which wasn't brewed at all so most of the herbs had to be chewed to keep from choking.

That night my left leg was much better and I did eat fruit while still juicing because as stated above if feel hungry you can have a fruit with the juice. I did feel good but was going to the bathroom, like rushing to the bathroom. Day 2 was "Bathroom Day" for me.

Day 3- I felt great and I felt good. I didn't use the bathroom as frequently as Day 2. Slight problem with left leg but felt alot better and notice my face was clearing up from the acne problem I occur now and then.

Day 4-5- I had to slowly go back to eating so the things I ate (which I may do a video on) was fruit for breakfast each day. One day had whole wheat noodles with soy sauce with onions and green peppers and cabbage cooked w/o the meat. With natural herbs (Mrs.Dash is a great substitute), added onions to the cabbage, cayanne peppers and apple cider vinegar and half of baked potatoe with a dash of sea salt.

I do want to explain that I believe I may have messed up the detox a little because I love water and there was nowhere that said to drink water. When I researched the word concentrate. I found out what it mean is that most manuf companies would rid the juice of it's water and sell it to the companies that way, then when the companies receive the juice they would add water to it. So I believe this detox was meant to be water-free and mostly juice. So, I may have not gotten all the benefits of the detox/cleanse, but I will find out next month.

What is My Eating LifeStyle

Before I started my detox I was eating healthy and organic but now I am stictly eating this way. I will also do the detox/cleanse on a monthy basis.

The types of food I eat is ofcourse fruits and vegetables. I don't eat white or wheat flour because they are produced with bromine which can make you iodine difficient. If I do eat bread is is organic bread made from rice flour and is wheat free, sugar-free and healthy. I would eat organic peanut butter made from valencia peanuts w/nothing else added to it and raw honey mixed on top of my bananas or will eat it w/rice bread. I will still eat chicken and fish and when I eat them. I clean them with apple cider vinegar(acv) and wrap them in aluminum foil adding spices, cayenne peppers, green, red peppers and onions and putting them in a baking dish and adding water to the baking dish and allow them to bake in the oven, I eat organic poptarts every blue moon, organic dark chocolate (no milk), sweet potatoe suffle' with vanilla soy milk, molasses, and cinnamon and bake it in the oven(can add an organic egg to the dish), and taste wonderful! I fry organic fed chicken eggs with a small amount of sunflower oil and add cayenne peppers to the eggs and sprinkle organic kelp over them and add raw honey on top to take away from the fishy taste of the organic kept, and I do much more. There are variety of foods to eat that is natural & healthy for you and taste good.

I don't eat any sugars, I drink soy milk, and Organic cereal with no sugar/ salt added, no wheat or white breads, no white noodles, no cheese, I stay away from milk products, etc.

To be honest with you I won't say I will forever stay away from the products I consider to be unhealthy for you but I will not be eating them for a long time. The only reason why I would eat them is for example, Mother's Day or a special day my husband wants to treat me with something different and to show my appreciation I will try it but it will be a small amount and back to my original diet. I have to make this a lifestyle because I am at risk on both sides. I lost my mom due to cancer and my dad due to a heart attack and they passed before the age of 50. So this is very important to me. I have a daughter and husband who needs me and I want to live my life to the fullest to help others know how toxin our hair, skin and food products are.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments please be sure to leave them.

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