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Sherita's Hair Temple is a home based business, selling natural hand made products and hand made wigs from the internet.

Owner: Sherita King

Our location is: Anderson, SC

Email address:

Phone Number: (864) 282-5220

Anybody can call to place an order or can order online because typically orders are made per order.

Ingredients used in my products are all natural/organic and are made and mixed by me.

I do take into consideration that some may have allergies. If you are allergic to an ingredient please list your allergy and I can leave the product out or if available can substitute for another ingredient that is just as beneficial as the one misplaced.

I am trying to always find ways to keep our natural products at a reasonable price and still keep the ingredients 100% pure.

My wigs are made to form the face to make it look more natural while you go through the natural phase of your hair or giving your hair a break from styling. My wigs are lightweight and made from nets or monofilament wig caps and other materials that will be listed under the heading of each wig made, because all wigs are made differently. The hair I use is varied. But I do retreat some of the hairs with my natural products because some hairs have been pretreated with chemical material from original manufacturers, so, I try to rid most of those harmful chemicals off the hair by cleaning and naturally treating the hairs. I now have a new supplier, so majority of my hairs are virgin or virgin remy that has never been chemically treated. Whether speaking to you by internet/phone we can discuss the type of hair wanted and the prices may vary. The price of the hair, caps and supplies are included with the price of making the wig. Most wig caps are also treated with natural/organic products to promote healthy hair growth.


I am a devoted Christian, wife and mother of 3 beautiful children, my oldest daughter born 2007, my middle son born 2012, and my baby girl born 2013. My husband and I have been married since Oct. 2003. We have our ups and downs but our ups are becoming more than our downs! When you put God 1stbin your life He will continue to show you how to grow strong in Him and in the power of His might! We also have a precious little one in the arms of Jesus. I found out I was pregnant 2014 of December and found out 2015 of January I lost our baby at 11wks. God is truly a healer and He knows what is best for our lives. We have to continue to put our trust in Jesus because He knows what is best for us. God has been so good to us and such a blessing in our lives. I started my business Nov. 2010 and it has been going strong since then. I have met people all over the U.S and over the world. I lost my mom from cancer Dec. 2004 and her strength has always kept me strong and makes me want to live a healthier life spiritually and physically. 

I always had a passion to go natural but always thought it was too expensive to do so, but when I started having problems with my hair and my daughter was getting her exzema in her hair and her edges was falling out, I knew God was telling me it's time for a change. I have always read and studied on natural products and ingredients that were healthy and good for you inside and out, but at that time, never acted upon trying it for myself. So, I decided a change was to  be made.

I want to thank Jesus who is the head of my life for leading and guiding me and putting people and things in my path to allow this business to come forth! One day, the Lord led me to Kathleen Hembree's site, who is also a sister in the Lord, who has information regarding what material/products are harmful to you and what type of effect that it can cause.  I always kept her in the back of my mind and then one day started acting upon this venture of helping others be the natural U that U can be. She has given me valuable information to help with getting some things I needed for my business. So, I want to personally thank her on my site, I also want to personally thank a dear friend of mines, Fortrail Chiles, by the way who does some awesome natural hair such as dreads, locks,etc. She has been a big help that helped contribute to my natural walk. We used to talk natural talk all the time where I used to work, before I had my baby girl and she knows her stuff and she uses her own natural products that she makes on her clients!! Her info will be in the Link section of my website! I then learned even more after I had my son in 2012, I learned allot about shots and the effects of them, then after having my baby girl in 2013 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. And was told I needed to take medicine for it. I didn't want to take medicine and I started researching even more. I started taking the medicine then I stopped and cured myself naturally. I learned so much about gmo's, antibiotics and toxins in our food supply and totally changed my eating habits and the eating habits of my family. They don't quite eat like I do but they are very close. I have become a very picky eater and do not like to eat out! I will cook before I eat out.

Additional thanks, I want to also thank  my husband who has blessed me to be able to stay home, take care of our children, as well as homeschool them and train them up in The Lord. He has and is financially and emotionally supporting me with helping me get my business and ministry into effect, I love you baby! I also want to thank my Aunt Pat and Uncle William Liggins, who is also our pastors at Ordered By The Lord Ministries, Intl' and Outreach Center, who has also supported me financially and emotionally during trying times, I want to thank my sisters: Tanielle Young and Letecia Frazier for their help and support, my brother Devon Hart, my sister in Christ, Monica Mize and Virtosha Little and all my friends and family who has helped, prayed and supported me!

Another Note

I understand the importance in giving and I thank God for giving my family and I a giving spirit. Sheritas Hair Temple gives to Ordered By The Lord Ministries in Baltimore, MD, and to Dr. Scott Johnson: Contending For Truth. I also like to give however God lays it on my heart to help.

I pray that God bless you and I will be posting on our blogs and on facebook, so please stay connected.


Sherita King

The Natural Ways: Jesus,God,The Holy Spirit

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