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Chemical Suicide: Death By Association [Paperback]


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This book is about a woman name Toni "Alika" Hickman, here is her story:

Hi, my name is Toni "Alika" Hickman. Alika is my middle name, and Author name, because it means "Beautiful Warrior," which is a title that I have earned.My book, Chemical Suicide/Death by Association was born after my 1st brain surgery, 1st stroke, and 2nd brain aneurysm.The doctors suggested to my mom that she should consider placing me in a nursing home, because I may never walk or speak again.4 months later, they were proven wrong(smiles).Once the staples were removed from my head, doctors advised me to refrain from perms for at least a year or two. I did extensive research on "why?", I found out not just about perms, but about almost every beauty and grooming product that is marketed to us.

 These products are linked to feeding/contributing/causing many diseases!The list of products include perms, shampoo, make up, deodorants, lotions, frangrances, plastics, toothpaste etc . They are linked to causing cancer, brain hemmorhages, liver & kidney disease and many more. The preservatives in these products are seeping into our skin and assisting us to an early death...literally!My goal is not to scare you, but to inform you...yet I also offer a positive solution! Make your own products! I give you recipes to make lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, perfumes, and more! My book, "Chemical Suicide/Death by Association," was sincerely created, because ALL women & men need to be aware of how we are damaging our bodies by adding products to our skin that we assume are safe, just because they are on the shelf of a chain store! Read your ingredients, learn your Chemical's "nick name."

Note: THIS IS A MUST HAVE BOOK! Orig Price $12.95


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