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Please let me and others know what you think about my products. Even if improvements is needed. I want to be open to my customers and would love the same treatment back. I want to be fair and I want the world to know how my products really work!!

Quotes In case, there are any skeptics out there wondering about Sherita King's hair product, I can certainly assure ANYBODY, this the best product out there. I am by no means a hairstylist, but once Sherita places the oil in my hair, my hair comes to life! It make ur hair bouncy, shiny, beautiful, and just plain healthy! I love it! Quotes
Customer for life

Quotes The natural hair gel far surpassed my expectations. It only takes a little to pull this full head of hair up. It smells awesome. It leaves my hair shiny and manageble without being sticky or stiff. And its non drying. I will need a full size order ASAP!!!!!! Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to say that i loved the wig, it meet all my expectations... thanks once again i will be ordering a next one soon ...but i was wondering if the kinky curly comes in a longer length, and i loved the shampooo. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I purchased the Nappy-laxer Kit & I am a fan of Nappy-laxer!!!! It is hair is so straight and silky.Thanks Sheita Quotes
Nappy-laxer Fan!

Quotes I have been natural for a year now, last relaxer in Jan. 2010. I cut the remainder of my relaxer off in April 2010 (a semi big chop)...WOOO-HOOO!!! Sherita has treated my hair on numerous occassions with her "ALL" of her natural products. My hair has grown about 4inches since April. The Naturalaxer is a wonderful product that leaves ur hair feeling clean, soft, shiny and beautiful. The Natural Cleanser is a amazing product that I use on my hair and my skin. It leaves my face feeling refreshed and clean. The Natural Oil Blendz is "THE DEAL" I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! I have terrible dry-oily skin! The winter air tears my skin up...but BLESS it be the Lord, He had my friend-sister in Christ, Sherita King make this remarkable product. It actually balances my skin out and also I have less break outs. I HIGHLY recommend this product to all who decide to go natural. I love the skin and hair I'm in...GREAT JOB MRS. KING!!! Quotes
Virtosha Little
"Natural Woman"

Quotes I used the shampoo again & da bomb! I used Da Balm (foot balm) today on my heels! Da Bomb! girl the hair oil! I used it on my face! Yes face...I now have a new moisturizer! Quotes
Tiffany S.
Hooked Cust

Quotes I used just the shampoo last night! LOVED IT! Oh my goodness if the rest of the stuff does as well as the shampoo i am hooked Quotes
Hooked Customer

Quotes Hi sherita how are you, way to go on your new bussiness & sucess. I love the product you use, and I love the naturalaxer and treament you use. god bless and I love you. Quotes
Sedrka T.
"Happy Customer"

Quotes I love your products! My daughters hair turned out so beautiful for her birthday, love u girl keep doing what ur doing! Stay blessed! Quotes
Tina W.
"Satisfied Mom"

Quotes i used the nappy laxer which did not do anything to my hair.i kept the product on all night and only to be disappointed with the outcome.anyone with virgin african hair SHOULD NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.IT DOES NOT WORK AS A HAIR RELAXER. Note: the customer was explained that this product in no way is a relaxer and I don't promote it as a relaxer, it is more as a deep conditioner explained on the product & it makes the soft and easy to manage, for I myself have tightly coiled hair. Please check my videos on this wall to see how I straightened my hair with the Nappy-laxer and natural oil blends, sorry for the misunderstanding Fatima. Quotes

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  • "I want to thank Sherita for my WONDERFUL half wig. This is my first wig and I am so happy with the finished product. It's the perfect fit, length and hair color. I sent her a pi..."
    Justine S
    Happy Wig Wearer
  • "I used just the shampoo last night! LOVED IT! Oh my goodness if the rest of the stuff does as well as the shampoo i am hooked"
    Hooked Customer
  • "I have a ways to go before I am 100% natural, for my journey has just begun. I've had the opportunity to use the Nappy-laxer kit. I must say that the quality and love that is pu..."
    Lee-Lee (Alicia)
    First Time Customer

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