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Please let me and others know what you think about my products. Even if improvements is needed. I want to be open to my customers and would love the same treatment back. I want to be fair and I want the world to know how my products really work!!

Quotes I LOVE IT......I LOVE IT....I LOVE IT... girl you are truly a god send.....thank you for creating a beautiful wig for me. I will be posting pics as soon as my phone Thank you for the CD you are wonderful. Quotes
Lovin My Wig

Quotes Sherita is so humble. I have NEVER worn a hair piece and now wearing a TWA but wanted enough to wear on top sometimes. I met Sheirta got a hairpiece and received tons of compliments. The piece actually looks like my hair and I could not believe how well she matched the piece to my hair color. Her customer service is awesome. She communicated with me every step of the design process. Just love her and her products. Quotes
Love My Hairpiece!

Quotes I have a ways to go before I am 100% natural, for my journey has just begun. I've had the opportunity to use the Nappy-laxer kit. I must say that the quality and love that is put into this can smell it and you can most def. feel it. My hair was THIRSTY and desperate for some TLC. Sherita King aka my hair mommy has made my journey back to natural a pleasurable and personable one. Thank you SO MUCH Sherita. My hair is singing a new song. Quotes
Lee-Lee (Alicia)
First Time Customer

Quotes Hi Sherita, First, I wanted to say that even before I ordered any of your products you made yourself available to speak with me on the phone explaining your products. That is rare!! I can tell you are very passionate about offering non-toxic and natural products. I really appreciate that. Secondly, I just wanted to let you know that my sister used the Nappy Laxer on my niece's hair last nite. My sister was very impressed by how soft her daughter's hair was after she washed it with the shampoo. She said "It's a Miracle". Usually, after she washes her daughter's hair, it is very hard to comb. After rinsing the shampoo out she found that her hair was very manageble. After her hair was flatironed it was so shiney and bouncy. Thanks for your hard work. Your product really works!!!! I can't wait to recieve my wig!! I know I will love that too!! Thanks again!! Quotes
Proud Auntie

Quotes Hi Sis!!! I pray all is well with you and your family! I finally tried your products and I wanted you to know that I absoulutely love them!!!! My hair is so soft and managable now!! The best part about using your products is that I'm using products that are toxin-free!!! That is the most important thing for me!!! I really want you to know I'm so grateful to God for you creating this!!! I didn't do any video or pics, but I'm very pleased and happy!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I can't wait to see what else is coming down the line!!! LOL Quotes
Tracy Bush
Happy about my toxin-free products

Quotes i finally used your products!!! and i love really made my hair soft and a lot easier to straighten thank u !!! i really like the oil blendz as well hopefully i will take a picture soon and upload it Quotes
"Lovin My New Products"

Quotes I like ur prod, esp the CurlyGirl hair cond&definer it really does wonders for my hair. B4 my hair would last 12hrs max then wld get really dry n stuff. But the CurlyGirl does exactly the opposite. I washed my hair w/the mini kit & then put the CurlyGirl in my hair &it still looks n feels great right now. So thanks &I will definantly cont using your products. I have already told others about your products, you are good at what u do & im appreciative, there aren't too many products out there that are the best ive used so far,&like I told my bestfriend last night Im sure I wont be needing to switch prdoucts again. Thanks for going out n doing what u do! Quotes
"Long Time Customer"

Quotes Hey Sherita, I love the Hot-n-Natural Sista, Kinky Coily Wig! Will take pictures this weekend and send. Picture will be in the picture gallery on this page. Quotes
"Love My Wig"

Quotes Hello Sherita; You know I have to leave a testimonial and represent. Your wigs are the best this is my second time ordering a wig from you and all I can say is I LOVE YOUR WORK. Everyone compliments me about your wigs and says (NO WAY) I thought it was your hair. I tell them and even show them that it is a wig. So they are in shock because it looks so natural. I really love your work and I strongly recommend everyone to purchase your wigs and your natural hair products. Love u sis. Vicky Quotes
Vicky Garcia

Quotes The Natural Oil Blendz & Herbal Shampoo was awesome keep up the great work God is blessing u keep it going Quotes

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  • "Hey Sherita, I love the Hot-n-Natural Sista, Kinky Coily Wig! Will take pictures this weekend and send. Picture will be in the picture gallery on this page."
    "Love My Wig"
  • "Ever since I started using the Nappylaxer by Sherita's Hair Temple, my hair is stronger than ever. My hair stays moisturized and shiny longer than with any other product I've tr..."
    Kim Lewis
    Stronger Healthier Hair!
  • "In case, there are any skeptics out there wondering about Sherita King's hair product, I can certainly assure ANYBODY, this the best product out there. I am by no means a hairst..."
    Customer for life

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