Nappy-laxer Styles Nappy-laxer Styles 1st time Nappy-laxer, Not Relaxer! This is my niece & this is her very 1st nappy-laxer, she has never had a relaxer. She's 5 1/2yrs old. 108263042 Nappy-laxer Front View This is the top frontview of her hair. After I styled it. Used the Nappy-laxer and then washed it out. Blow dried and applied natural oil blendz and used ghd gold irons and straightened the hair. 108263043 Nappy-laxer SideView Twisties and Curl. Hair is softer. She received alot of compliments on her hair & everyone thought she had a relaxer. 108263044 Nappy-laxer backview 108263045 Nappy-laxer Closer BackView 108263046 SideView 108263047 Nappy-laxer-She loving it She was loving her hairstyle bc it made her hair look longer!! 108263048 Nappy-laxer-Luving It! 108263049 Nappy-laxer-1st Time She just went natural, she previously had a relaxer but she stopped using a relaxer. So, she is natural with relaxed ends. 108263050 Nappy-laxer- SideView From relaxer to nappy-laxer 108263052 Backview She received a cut. To rid the dead ends. Nappy-laxer then used the natural oil blendz and straighten with GHD. 108263053 Nappy-laxer_Other SideView Her Birthday Do! 108263054 Nappy-laxer-TopView 108263055 Nappy-laxer-Consistantly She has been receiving Nappy-alaxer for Months now. This is a Twist style, after Nappy-laxer 108263056 Nappy-laxer-Twisties This young girl, is all natural w/no relaxer. She gets her hair done every 2wks. Every 4wks she uses the nappy-laxer treatment bc her hair isn't real course. Inbetween those weeks she uses natural oil treatments or natural hair conditioners. 108263057 Nappy-laxer-BackView 108263058 Nappy-laxer-Hair Do's Braids & bun 108263059 Nappy-laxer-Back Bun View Different Hairstyles of little girl Nappy-laxer Styles 108263060 Nappy-laxer_Back SideView Style 108263061 Nappy-laxer_TopView Style W/beads 108263062 Newly Nappy-laxer_before Nappy-laxer BackSide of hair-Coily,Kinky, Matted Hair 114358859 Before Nappy-laxer-FrontView FrontView of Hair before Nappy-laxer application 114358860 Before Nappy-laxer_FrontSide View Before Nappy-laxer Front SideView 114358861 Before Nappy-laxer-Side Side of hair before Nappy-laxer-Hair was unmanageable & didn't know how to care for beautiful locks of hair. Until........Nappy-laxer 114358862 1st time Nappy-laxer Style Hair looks wet, but it's not it's soft, silky and manageable 114358863 Sideview 1st time Nappy-laxer Soft, Silky, Manageable w/ Nappy-laxer, Smooth & Silky hair cleanser & Natural Oil Blendz 114358864 BackView- Nappy-laxer Style 114358865 Nappy-laxer She's very happy w/her new manageable hair 114358866 Customer Submitted Picture This is the before Nappy-laxer Pic. 125401158 Customer Submitte Picture This is after Nappy-laxer Pic. She used the nappy-laxer to straighten the hair w/the oil blendz. Her hair once washed will revert back to the curly state. *ALL Natural!!! Thx sis for sharing!! 125401159 Using Nappy-laxer as deep conditioner My 1yr 10month hair growth! Using the Nappy-laxer as a deep conditioner to condition my thirsty hair! 153304094 Backside View My 1yr 10month hair growth! Using the Nappy-laxer as a deep conditioner to condition my thirsty hair! 153304096 Back view My 1yr 10month hair growth! Using the Nappy-laxer as a deep conditioner to condition my thirsty hair! 153304097 other backside view 153304098 Other Side View 153304099 Other Side View 153304100