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How to determine & care for your hairtype Naturally & Toxin-free

Posted by Sherita King on March 16, 2011 at 10:26 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello all,

There are times we just don't know how to care for our natural hair. So I will cover how to determine your hairtype and what products will work. I will also discuss some about transitioning before the BC(big chop).

The different hair types

Type 1- Bone Straight Hair

Type 2-Wavy Hair-, this hair is soft, has deep waves (it's not curly). This type hair is "S" shaped and doesn't have alot of body.

Care- A Boar Brush is great in controlling frizz.

Products from Sherita's Hair Temple that will work for this type of hair is:

1)Smooth/Silky Hair Cleanser (shampoo) 2)ClenZ (can use in a spray bottle) can help keep the hair mosturized as a leave in moisturizer. 3)Natural Gel- which is a light moisturizing that will help in adding definition to the hair.

*A Mini Kit will be avail for purchase no later than Friday March 17th,2011.

Type 3-Curly Hair- this hair is fine, soft and "q" shaped hair. This type of hair is normally dull without sheen, has lots of body, and straight when wet but curly when dry.

Care- Use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair while wet. Do Not brush hair to prevent frizz.  Do Not towel dry, Air dry/Blow dry hair.

Products from Sherita's Hair Temple that will work for this type of hair is:

1)Smooth&Silky Hair Cleanser(shampoo) 2)ClenZ- use daily which helps with moisturizing and cleasing the hair and donot have to wash out. 3)CurlyGirl- Curl definer.

*A Mini Kit will be avail for purchase no later than Friday March 17th, 2011.

Type 4- (A/B) Hair-  This hair type is very tight in curls & wiry. It is the dryiest hair.

*Type 4a- This hair is a "looser" coil strand and is spiral in shape.

*Type4b- This hair is tighter "kinky' strands and has a zigzag in shape "z" shaped. This type of hair is the most fragile.

Care-For type 4(a/b) hair, Use a wide tooth comb and detangle hair wet after conditioners are added to hair.

Products from Sherita's Hair temple that will work for this type of hair is:

1)Herbal Shampoo(which drives natural herbs into the hair to give it health and strength). 2)ClenZ-Use daily (can use in a spray bottle for even distribution) to keep hair moisturized 3)CurlyGirl- Use daily after herbal shampoo or Clenz and comb hair in each section for even distribution.

*A Mini kit will also be available for purchase no later than Friday March 17th,2011.

I will also have big kits avail and products avail separate by the end of March.

Now I want to address Chemical relaxed hair.

Chemical Relaxed Hair going Natural!!!

For chemically relaxed hair going natural. products that can be used from Sherita's Hair Temple  1)Nappy-laxer 2)Smooth&Silky Cleanser or Herbal Shampoo(damaged hair) (I advice the herbal shampoo will work the best for relaxed hair going natural). and the Natural Oil Blendz to maintain straight hair naturally. And used as a heat protector.

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